History of the SMC

The SmartMoto Challenge is a competition that will be taking place in Wrocław for the first time. Similar events have been taking place in Barcelona, Spain, and Moscow, Russia.

It’s main goal is to promote electric mobility and to stimulate development of technology concerning electric motorcycles all around the world. This is an opportunity for students of engineering and design schools to collect and develop different practical skills. Not only the ones based on knowledge of technologies but also being acquainted with a team work, preparing and developing projects, fundraising and presenting the final results. The students can get familiar with modern technology and comprehend their market. On the other hand the manufacturers from the motorcycle industry will have a laboratory of ideas and an additional source of future market and product technicians.

It all started in 2012, when Emilio Hernandez PhD of ETSEIB and ELMOTO Company, decided to organize the first event in Barcelona. His inspiration was the Formula Student competition and a need of researching electrical mobility. Due to this facts the SMC competitions are not only about creating the fastest motorcycle, but also about creating a good business plan and an good-looking vehicle.

The first SMC took place in 2013, 8 teams participated. The aim of the project was to build an electric motorcycle that would be suitable for college students. Main electric components were provided, so all teams were using same BLDC motors and batteries.

In 2014 SMC grew. The aim and rules were still similar but teams provided much more advanced projects. 2014 was also the first year of the SMC Moscow.

In 2015, in both competitions, Barcelona and Moscow, the goal was to build a motorcycle designed for food delivery. The rules completely changed the whole competition and for the first time teams had to build motorcycles for specified target.

In year 2016, the SMC overcame some major changes. The scope of the project was to build motorcycle for police officers. For the first time there was no necessity for teams to use provided electric components and new possibilities opened. The competition have been divided to two categories, based on motor power, under 2 kW and from 2 to 8 kW. This allowed teams to build much faster motorcycles.

Last year’s SMC focused on cross motorcycles, which would be able to get through asphalt roads as well as through moe rough terrain.

As you can see the SmartMoto Challenge is growing and changing to provide inspiration for young engineers. Universities taking part in the competition are mostly from Europe, but there were also teams from Ecuador and Peru. The SMC is a great opportunity for young engineer to test their skills and knowledge, it’s also opportunity to get to know with students from all around the world.

In 2018 the goal is to build an offroad motorcycle again, but much stronger one. There has already been announced Barcelona edition. We decided to join those events and organize first edition in Wrocław, Poland. See you in Wrocław and Barcelona!